JB Hi-Fi Catalogue - 22/07-28/07/2021 (Page 2)

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audio avalanche smashing prices on soundbars! samsung samsung off bluetooth bluetooth series hw-2600a dolby atmos soundbar • experience cinematic sound in ticket 1499 ticket 799 off $500 off $200 off sony sony bluetooth off samsung off bluetooth off bluetooth ticket 299 ticket 449 ticket s49 • s-force front surround for big sound from only 2 front speakers $150 offn channel soundbar channel soundbar • optimised sound for your content panasonic off fraef panasonic bluetooth off bluetooth off bluetooth ticket 429 ticket 349 ticket 1749 soundbar with wireless sub • supporting dolby atmos® & tv speaker • delivers overall improved tv $80 offi yamaha yamaha yamaha bluetooth off ats-2090 soundbar • built-in alexa voice control ticket 449 bluetooth ticket 249 ticket 749 alexa bluetooth yamaha yas-408b soundbar • 3d surround sound off $699 • hdmi arc output 20% jbl soundbars! excludes bar9.1 bluetooth bluetooth ticket549 off • dolby atmos® & multibeam surround sound ticket599 off $10 off channel soundbar • wireless subwoofer off off $120 off prices smashed on flea turntables! bluetooth ticket 269 off bluetooth $81 off off ticket 124 ticket 1149 big suitcase suitcase turntable player turntable turntable with bluetooth player with auto stop function $45 off qoea $81 off